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CIANO  Devilishly Divine Coffee  
Sinful coffee solutions for your office, cafe or business. 

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Damningly delicious office coffee

When it comes to office coffee, Italian devils do it best.  Haven’t you’ve heard Italians are the best (coffee) lovers...?

By combining unique Italian-roasting techniques with the world’s highest quality 100% Arabica beans, our signature coffee pod blends and fresh, aromatic flavours are sure to light a fire in the soul of the most discerning coffee drinker.

Whether you’re craving a full-bodied coffee cup or a smooth, sweet brew, we can deliver a devilishly divine range of blends direct to your office each month!

Ciano coffee pods are also 100% biodegradable, so you can sit back and smugly sip your brew, safe in the knowledge you’re not contributing further to landfill.  

Ciano offers damningly delicious Italian-roasted coffee beans, Italian-designed machines and regular equipment servicing all delivered straight to your door.

Time for a Ciano espresso. 

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Our Bean blends

Baristas - For smooth devils.

Pleasure your palate with a well-balanced blend of Brazilian Santos Arabica beans, full-bodied Indian and African selections and mild Central American aromatic varieties. Flavoursome fruity overtones and a lingering chocolatey aftertaste spawn a brew as sweet as sin!


Diablo - For daring devils.

A full-bodied South American blend with an intense aroma sure to set your soul on fire.  Ideal for espresso and milk-based drinks, these well-balanced flavours and rich, velvety textures guarantee devilish perfection in every cup!