Why hello there, you delectable, curious little creature.

The name’s Ciano. Like all good Italian devils, I’m as irresistible as sin. I can snare your soul at the slightest whiff, and leave an impression that lingers long after your first sip.

Why such a devilish drink, you may wonder? The truth is, it runs in my beans.

You see my fellow fiend, many dark and mysterious things are often met with fear and suspicion. And back in the 1500’s, the new arrival of a lustful liquor known as ‘coffee’ was no different...

When the bewitching brew of my ancestors made its way from the Middle East to Europe, it was met with many a raised eyebrow indeed. Word had it the intoxicating beverage carried the aroma of Islam and was suspiciously similar to holy wine used in the Eucharist. Such wicked rumours compelled a group of Catholic bishops to approach Pope Clement VIII to ban the concoction throughout all Christendom, declaring it the ‘bitter invention of Satan’.

However, the dastardly din of the bishops did little to convince the Pope, who opted to first sample the drink before passing judgement. After taking a sip, the Pope exclaimed,“This devil's drink is so delicious…we should cheat the devil by baptising it!” 

The blasphemous coffee bean was blessed and known thereafter as the ‘devil’s cup’ or ‘devil’s drink’...